How to rent an apartment in London and pay less than the city average in a month

A little over a year ago, I left my job as a data analyst at a company in New York City.

I was there to learn how to do my part to support the local economy and I wanted to make a career change.

I started the process of searching for apartments and finding affordable places in London.

 I ended up finding a beautiful house in central London with a pool and outdoor dining area.

My apartment was a bit pricey ($1,600 per month), but I was still able to live there for about a month.

I would rent it out to friends and family, and pay around $1,200 per month for rent.

That’s a pretty amazing deal compared to the other cities in the U.K. where I lived.

I was able to pay my rent and have the money to support my family, but I had no idea how much the price of rent would go up if I went to a larger apartment.

How did I know the rent would be higher if I rented a bigger apartment?

I thought that because my apartment was bigger, I would be able to afford it.

I used Airbnb to search for apartments in London, and I ended up renting my home in Kensington and Chelsea for $1.5 million a month to a group of friends.

The average price for a one bedroom in the area is $2,200.

Even though it was a little more expensive than I expected, I was able see that the apartments were a good deal for me.

If you’re looking to rent a bigger home in London or the U, you should definitely check out our guide to buying a bigger house.