Wic application for a $2.8 million EIDL grant

A Wisconsin Wic Association is seeking to apply for a WIC grant online.

The Wic World Community Foundation says it’s the largest online grant application ever and that the application will be processed in the next few days.

The application was submitted last week.

The foundation says it received an email from the Department of Health and Human Services on June 26 asking for its help.

It says it plans to make the application available to the public on Aug. 1.

The Wic Womens Foundation says the grant is intended to benefit the Wic community and is meant to “enable a broad spectrum of Wic individuals to participate in Wic activities and support programs through the Internet.”

The WIC Womans Foundation says that in addition to its Wic Women’s Foundation and the WIC Women’s Education Center, the application includes the Wiccans, Wic Community Centers, Wiccants and Wic Girls programs as well as the Womyn’s Center.

The applications are open to Wiccant and Womany men and women ages 16 and older.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources says that it is in the process of accepting applications for its 2017-2019 WIC Grant program.