The world’s most popular photo editing app

A little known but highly useful app, Instagram has been the subject of many controversies in recent years.

A new report reveals the app has been hacked by hackers and is now down to one million active users.

The hack, uncovered by security researchers at a Brazilian university, also exposed Instagram’s source code, which has been freely available for years.

The report claims that hackers exploited the vulnerability to take control of the app and change its features.

The app is currently being used by more than 150 million people, according to the researchers, and is widely used for sharing and commenting on photos.

It is also the most popular social network in Brazil.

The report’s authors believe that the app’s source has been compromised, with the developers now using the code to build new versions.

The new versions are designed to fix the security vulnerabilities in the old ones, and also to enable better privacy and security by hiding user names and passwords from the system, the researchers say.