How to get an US visa application to get a UK visa to visit Australia

A US visa for a UK visitor to Australia will need to be granted by the Home Office, according to a recent article by the Guardian.

“The application form has changed, and the UK visitor visa application is now being processed through the UK embassy,” the article states.

“So, while it is still possible to apply for a US visa to Australia if you are in the UK, the Home Secretary has announced that this will no longer be the case.”

This means the Home Affairs Select Committee will be able to review applications from a US visitor visa applicant from the UK.

The UK’s embassy in New York City will be the UK’s primary contact point for this process, and US visa applications are expected to be processed by the US consulate in New Zealand.

While the Home Department is expected to make the final decision, the process can take up to four weeks, the Guardian reports.

“It is unlikely that the Home secretary will decide to change this by the end of the month, but if he does, it could be a very significant change,” the UK government told the newspaper. ®