McDonald’s wants to offer its own medical care in Florida

McDonald’s is asking the Florida Department of Health to approve its application for medical benefits to offer services to those covered under its health plan.

The company is seeking a waiver of the state’s Medicaid rules to cover the entire population, as long as there is no financial burden on the state, spokeswoman Julie Mertz told Al Jazeera.

McDonald’s is seeking to apply for an emergency medical assistance program that would allow its franchisees to offer medical care.

The company’s franchisees would have to be in the US and its restaurants would be required to be open 24 hours a day.

If approved, McDonald’s would join other fast food restaurants such as KFC and Domino’s Pizza in Florida, where McDonald’s franchises already provide health care to some customers.

The waiver would allow McDonald’s franchise owners to apply to have the company cover up to 10% of their employees’ health insurance.

It would also allow McDonalds franchisees, including restaurants in Orlando, Orlando, Jacksonville and Miami, to offer healthcare to employees.

The state has said McDonald’s health care benefits would be limited to only certain employees, and not the company’s other franchisees.

McLaren, which operates restaurants in New York, California, California and Texas, has previously said it would cover up for McDonald’s by paying out a portion of its health care costs, even though it does not directly pay employees.

McDairy has not yet responded to the company.