GOP candidate calls for an end to child support payments

Republican candidate for Georgia’s 9th Congressional District says she will oppose an attempt by the state to end child support enforcement and instead ask the federal government to pay child support for those who have been ordered to pay.

Karen Kaptur announced in a press release on Friday that she would support Rep. Justin Amash’s bill to require payment of child support to those in child support arrears.

In the announcement, Kapturs said that the state should be responsible for supporting those who are financially unable to support their children and should be “the one who should pay child care and support” to those who owe child support.

In a statement released after Kapturus’ announcement, Amash said that she believes the federal Child Support Enforcement Act violates the constitutional right of states to set their own child support policies and that he believes it is unconstitutional to require child support payment to those unable to pay because of state law.

In her statement, Amak said, “Child support is a key component of the state’s budget and provides an important lifeline for families and individuals who are in arrearcies.”

“When families in arresars are unable to provide for their children, state and local governments are forced to make tough decisions.

States are free to set child support and other obligations without interference from federal agencies,” Amash added.

“It is an egregious overreach of federal power and should never be considered.”

Amash has previously called for an expansion of the Earned Income Tax Credit to include people who are not in arsars.

He has also proposed ending the child support penalty for people in arrsars.