Walgreens: We’ll hire as many workers as we can if we get the federal bailout

The pharmacy chain Walgreen will hire as much as it can if it can get the $1.6 trillion in federal bailouts, but the company’s CEO said he was concerned about the unemployment and other hardships.

Walgreens CEO David A. Walgensays he’s worried about the government’s decision to delay the unemployment insurance program’s automatic payroll tax increase and will continue to work on a new unemployment insurance plan that he said is not a substitute for the $9.2 trillion bailout.

Walmart, the second-largest retailer in the United States, says it will hire an additional 6,500 workers to cover the unemployment benefits and help it deal with the impact of the tax increase.

The company said it is currently hiring as many as it possibly can to meet the needs of its current workforce, which is about 12,000 people.

It also expects to hire workers who are currently receiving unemployment benefits, though it declined to provide details.