Sam’s Club Appends ‘Vegan’ to Food Categories

Sam’s Clubs is removing vegan products from their food categories, with the company’s newly-launched Vegan Food App adding “vegan” to the category for products sold in restaurants, stores and restaurants.

The company says the inclusion is based on “vegetarianism’s continued acceptance and support by consumers,” which is why the company has included the phrase “veg-free” in the vegan product’s title.

Sam’s Club’s vegan food category was initially launched as a way for customers to get in touch with the product and get feedback on the products they purchase.

However, the company says that the inclusion of the phrase vegan is based solely on the positive response from consumers, and the inclusion was not an intentional move to include vegan products on the menu.

Instead, Sam’s is adding the phrase to the products’ descriptions and packaging to reflect their inclusion in the category.

Sam, who is also the co-founder of the Vegan Business App, says that consumers will be able to find the new vegan food product category at or through their apps in the coming weeks.

The inclusion of “vegg-free,” which also appears in the description, is also a direct response to the rise of vegans in the US and elsewhere in the world, as well as the recent rise in vegan restaurants.

Sam’s has also been proactive in supporting its vegan customers, including offering free samples to customers and participating in vegan festivals such as VegFest, which takes place annually in New York City and other cities.

The addition of the “vegh-free vegan” label is part of Sam’s ongoing effort to provide customers with an easy way to easily find vegan products and restaurants, as it has been the case with many of its products.

“We want to create a safe space for customers who want to know about the vegan products we carry and share with others,” said Sam’s co-founders, John and Linda Sam.

“We are also committed to working with our retailers and restaurants to ensure our products are vegan-friendly and accessible.”

Sam’s has been known to expand its product lines in the past, including the introduction of the vegan “Cherry,” which it added to the company menu in February 2018.