What’s up with the new Apple Pay app?

Apple is launching a new iPhone app today that’s going to allow people to pay for goods using their iPhone, the company said today.

The app will launch in the U.S. in early December.

The new app will also allow Apple Pay to work with debit cards and pay with other payment methods like Venmo, Square Cash, and MasterCard.

It’s unclear what Apple Pay will look like on iPhones.

The iPhone is currently the only device that can use the new payment system, but Apple is expected to add support for other payment options as it develops the new system.

Apple is also adding a new feature called “Pay with a friend,” where Apple Pay users can pay with a credit card that’s not connected to their Apple Pay account.

The friend will be able to add a friend, pay for a purchase, and transfer money from the friend’s Apple Pay card to the Apple Pay wallet.

Apple Pay accounts can be connected to a friend’s bank account or credit card account.

Apple says the friend can make a transaction directly with the friend and can also make a transfer to Apple Pay.

Apple Pay users who have purchased something from Apple Store can now buy it at any time, regardless of when the order was placed.

The system will let them buy items from Apple and also make payments with friends using Apple Pay, a feature called Pay With a Friend that has been available on other Apple Pay platforms.

Apple has been quietly testing Apple Pay on a handful of iPhone models, but the new app is the first to support the mobile payments system.

It’s the first time that Apple Pay has been supported by its iOS platform.

Apple previously said it would add support to its iOS devices in the future.