How New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s pet medics could be at the heart of his ‘dismemberment’ strategy

N.J. Gov.

Christie (R) could soon have a lot of his pet meds available for purchase online, after he signed a bill Tuesday that will allow people to buy pet medis in the state.

The bill, signed into law by Christie, was first reported by, and details the online sales process.

The law allows pet medins to be purchased online for $40 a month or $150 a year.

The new law allows for the purchase of medics with up to eight pet animals, but it does not cover animals that require specialized care.

That would include animals like cats, dogs, rabbits, and guinea pigs, which are often at greater risk for infections due to their high susceptibility to certain diseases.

Pet medins are not the only items that could be purchased in New Jersey.

The state is expected to add another 100,000 pet-friendly jobs to the state economy by 2020, according to a recent study from the Rutgers University School of Management.

“New Jersey is the No. 1 pet-friendlier state in the country,” Gov.

Andrew Cuomo said in a statement.

“But we can’t take our pets for granted, and this law is a step toward giving pets a second chance.”

The law allows anyone with a valid pet license to buy up to 16 pets in a month for $10,000.

That’s more than double the state’s current cap of $2,500 for a single pet, and it’s just a start.

New Jersey has been looking to expand its pet med sales for years, with the state last year opening its first store in New Brunswick.

The first store opened last month in Newark.