New Oxford University job application prompts questions

Oxford University has posted a job application for a position as the first in the UK to employ an artificial intelligence assistant in a central part of the university’s campus.

The position, which requires at least a four-year degree, is for a job in the human resources department.

It is a significant milestone for Oxford and a departure from its usual hiring processes, which typically include a formal interview with candidates, the university said.

Oxford is the first university to offer the role of an artificial human assistant, and the first one in the world to use a computer to assess and help staff and students, according to the university.

Oxbridge University said the role would “serve as a powerful, collaborative platform to improve and expand Oxford’s existing expertise in human resources”.

The role is expected to cost around £2,000 a year, and would be paid for by a grant from the UK’s Office for National Statistics, Oxford said.

The university’s Human Resources Department has also published a list of potential applicants, with about 400 applications being processed in the space of two weeks.

Applications for the role will close on May 11.