When a mall is big, its rules are big

A mall in the United Kingdom is cracking down on shoplifting.

Gamestop stores and other retailers across the country have been required to report suspicious activity to the police.

The store in Liverpool, England, told the BBC it had made more than 1,300 complaints in the past month.

“This is part of the UK’s new proactive approach to dealing with the rise of online shopping,” a spokesman said.

A mall spokesman said: “We take our responsibility to the community very seriously.

We are constantly improving our operations and we want to reassure our customers that we have robust and safe processes in place to deal with suspicious activity and to respond to it quickly and effectively.”

Mall officials in the U.K. say they are following the same policies.

“We have been working with the police to ensure that we do not have any issues with theft at this time,” the spokesman said, adding that the department is monitoring the situation closely.