How to Make a GrubHub Application Using Sublime Text 3 and the Sublime Shell application template

SublimeText 3 is an application-as-a-service (aaS) programming language for creating, editing, and publishing software applications.

The platform’s default command line interface (CLI) is a powerful scripting language that lets developers write code in a number of different programming languages including Python, C#, Ruby, Java, Javascript, PHP, and C++.

The new Sublime Application Template is an alternative for this CLI. is a Python module that lets you create an application template, which can be installed on Sublime text 3, or an application file, which is a folder with sub-programs and commands that can be executed.

Sublime application templates can be created using Python or Sublime’s built-in package manager.

Sublimescript templates can then be loaded by default when Sublime opens a new file, and Sublime applications can be launched with a shortcut. 

Using the new Sublayscript templates module, you can create a SublimeScript template that runs the following commands: create-grub-application template.grub (This creates the grub.grb file, the sub-application folder, and the templates folder.) install-grubs template.install (This installs the grubs template, sub-folder, and templates folder, as well as the default commands, to the grubb folder.) start-grumps-application (This starts the grumps application, which launches the grumbs command line tool.) uninstall-grums-application/grums (This removes the grums application, subfolder, templates folder and grubs folder.)

The template will be loaded automatically when Sublisescript loads a file.

The template can be used to create applications that have more than one application folder, such as a web site.

The templates folder is where all the Sublivescript applications are stored, so you can load them later without needing to edit any Sublime settings.

You can edit the templates by adding a new folder to the list, and then creating new sub-folders.

For example, you could create a sub-directory for each of the Grubs and Grumps applications and load those applications inside the template.

Sublite Application Templates is an easy way to get started with Sublime and its features. 

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