How to make money in India using mobile applications

The man who helped launch India’s first mobile payment platform, MobiKwik, has died.

Mr. Rajiv Purohit, 45, a former Indian Commerce Minister, had been working on the platform for two years and had launched it in September 2016.

Mr Purohit was the chief operating officer of the MobiPay subsidiary.

The platform had launched a number of other payment applications, including Paytm and Mastercard, and was in the process of integrating them with the Indian market, including the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI).

It had also launched a mobile wallet for consumers to make payments using their smartphones.

“He was a pioneer in the Indian mobile payments space and he played a major role in the launch of the first Mobi platform in September 2015,” said Rajesh Agarwal, a partner at tech firm EY.

Mr Agarwal added that Mr Purohi had a background in IT, and had been a partner in the finance firm E.I. Birla in Bangalore.

Mr Pirohit was a well-known figure in India, having been the country’s first chief financial officer and a cabinet minister for more than five years.

Mr Rajiv had also been the chairman of the Indian National Payments Corp (INPC), the countrys largest central bank, for more that two decades, from 1992 to 2007.

In December 2016, Mr Pisohit announced his retirement from the Indian government.

In his last public statement, he said he was proud of his achievements and the achievements of the country in the past few decades.

MobiKokwik launched in September, 2016.

In September, MBIKwik launched its first payment application in India.

It had a total of 30 million users.MBIKokku had launched the MBIP platform in August 2017.

In November, the MBC said that it was planning to launch its first mobile wallet application in 2021.

Mr Srivastava, MBC chairman, told NDTV that the MBL was still looking for funding for the next round of the project.