How to get a trader joe in your area?

A trader joes application has been filed in the district court of Madras seeking permission to start trading in his area.

The application, filed by a company called Joojay Enterprises, is in response to a notification by the Madras High Court seeking permission for a trading company to establish itself in Madras in July this year.

It is a move to start a trading business, but it does not mean that the trader is eligible to start an investment scheme.

The court order said that traders who want to establish themselves in the area need to file an application for approval.

Joojee Enterprises, which operates in the areas of Mysore, Thiruvananthapuram, Mysuru and Kollam, is the parent company of Jooji Trading.

The order came a day after the Madrassas’ government announced that it will start accepting applications from traders to set up a trading entity in the city.

The government said that it would facilitate trading companies to set-up in the country’s fourth largest city, as the city has a population of more than 11 million.

The decision to set a new trading company is expected to cost the state about Rs 6,000 crore.