How to apply to Maryland unemployment benefits

We’re about to see the biggest surge in unemployment benefits in more than two decades as the state’s unemployment rate drops.

As of Friday, Maryland’s unemployment insurance program will offer unemployment benefits to anyone who works, but only those who are actively looking for work.

Maryland’s largest employers will also receive unemployment benefits, but employers with fewer than 50 employees will have to pay the full cost.

The unemployment benefit program was created as part of the Great Recession and has been available since the Great Depression.

In Maryland, people who are unemployed have received a state-mandated benefit of $5,600 for three months.

The program was originally created to help unemployed people get back on their feet and to help families through a time of transition.

The program has helped about 3 million people find work, according to the Maryland Department of Employment and Economic Development.

People in Maryland are eligible for unemployment insurance benefits if they are at least 17 and have been looking for a job for at least one month.

The state has also added job-training and job-hunting services.

In 2018, Maryland had the nation’s largest population of people receiving unemployment benefits.

More than 6 million people received unemployment benefits and more than 4.5 million were receiving unemployment insurance for the first time.

That’s an increase of more than 30 percent from a year ago.